About Us

AIM for SEVA (AIM) is a Canadian not-for-profit charity  (BN: 861308906 RR0001), registered in Ontario. The basic tenet of the AIM for SEVA is centered on the premise that access to education is the key to tackling the core challenges of poverty. We are mindful of the most challenging agenda: providing easy access to school, to many children in India who are denied this basic human right.

Vision: To transform society through a network of seva*, of caring, to help each child to contribute to the uplifting of family and to the progress of the nation.

Mission: To extend reach of education to every poor and disadvantaged child across the nation through the concept of Student Hostel (Free Student Home) near government school.

*“Seva” is a Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service” or work performed without any thought of reward or repayment.

AIM for SEVA (AIM) is a Canadian not-for-profit charity  (BN: 861308906 RR0001), registered in Ontario that is reaching out to the poorest of poor in India by adopting the most effective and sustainable route to reducing poverty: Education. SEVA or ‘to serve’ is a longstanding tradition of the Indian Culture. Underprivileged children in rural, tribal and urban areas are “served” by providing healthy living conditions.

We believe that as citizens of the world, it is our moral obligation to empower those in need by creating sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty.

Poised to become a global economic power, India is faced with an ironical challenge – while on one hand India is prospering leaps and bounds, on the other there is a sizeable population, which is untouched by the ripples of prosperity. Child labor abounds due to abject poverty of the less privileged, those living in urban slums, rural and tribal areas. The ever-widening gap between the mainstream and the marginalized has become a silent emergency.

Bridging this gap is the calling of AIM for SEVA (AIM).  An All India Movement for “People to care for People”, AIM’s approach is based on providing education in an environment that breeds and nurtures inherent talent.

Most of the targeted children have a remote possibility of acquiring basic education due to lack of means and inaccessibility of schools. These children are brought under the care of the wardens at student residences, specially built for these children by AIM. They are given well rounded education in a compassionate environment: Discipline for success, moral values for upright living and instruction to make them job-ready.  Each child receives free residential accommodation, education, tuitions, vocational training, training in extra-curricular activities like handicrafts, music, dance and sports along with nutritious meals and medical aid. These student homes have now become the growing hubs for sustainable change.

Your sponsorship enables children to study and grow in a supportive and caring environment. Child sponsorship is a relationship between you and the child who would otherwise have no hope of getting out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

AIM for SEVA Canada Team

Board of Directors

Dr. Terry Papneja
Dr. Vipin Mithia
Arun Luthra CPA, CA
Secretary & Treasurer


Child Sponsorship

Nimmi Papneja
Dr. Sangeeta Bajaj
Reecha Sharma

Corporate Sponsorship

Atul Chandra, Co-Chair
Rajiv Bahl, Co-Chair
Anil Chawla
Hiten Makim
Arun Srivastava
Pankaj Bajaj
Rachna Goel
Dr. Tripti Papneja
Deepti Arora

Golf To Educate

Ray Khanna, Co-Chair
Dr. Sam Patel, Co-Chair
Rohit Bansal
Shawn Anand
Arun Luthra
Raj Lakhani
Punita Bansal

Fund Raising

Amita Kanani
Dr. Vipin Mithia
Arti Patel
Ram Chakerwarti
Ila Lakhani
Sukhi Ghai
Renu Khanna
Ganesh Subramanian
Dr. Sangeeta Bajaj
Puja Amin

Hostel Donation

Mike Lakhani
Dr. Terry Papneja
Dr. Subodh Kanani
Anand Jain

Event Organization

Aruna Sharma
Bhairavi Shankar
Bindu Anand
Nimmi Papneja
Nisha Papneja
Sapna Mehta
Susmita Mithia

Silent Auction

Sapna Mehta (Co-Chair)
Nisha Papneja (Co-Chair)


Ritu Jain

Website/Social Media

Jyoti Gupta
Chandra Papneja
Anju Chandan
Ronish Pahwa

Communication & Administration

Rachna Goel

Finance & Accounting

Arun Luthra
Vishal Luthra


Gera & Nirula LLP
Chartered Accountants

Montreal Chapter

Arun Srivastava, President
Sugra Malek, Vice President


Gurisha Sahni (Team Leader)
Sonali Mehta (Team Leader)
Karina Babber (Team Leader)

AIM’s Project Lead
Current & New Initiatives

Rachna Goel (Canada)
Dr. Tripti Papneja (India)

Young Professionals

Anju Chandan
(Young Professional Chair)
Shalini Chandra
(Gala Co-Chair)
Rachna Goel
(Gala Co-Chair)
Dr. Tripti Papneja
(Gala Fundraising Chair)
Dr. Sangeeta Bajaj
(Child Sponsorship Lead & Walkathon Co-Chair)
Reecha Sharma
(Child Sponsorship Lead)
Puja Amin
(Fundraising Lead)
Jyoti Gupta
(Social Media Lead)
Ronish Pahwa
(AV Consultant)
Punita Bansal
(Golf Team Lead)
Meetu Mahendra
(Walkathon Co-Chair)

Educate & Empower Underprivileged Children

We believe that as citizens of the world, it is our moral obligation to empower those in need by creating sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty. Your donation and sponsorship help educate and empower underprivileged rural children.

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