Student Success Story

Anjali Gurjar a student of the Inder and Prabha Sharma Girls Higher Secondary School, Madhya Pradesh. Ranked first in her school, Anjali also made it to the Madhya Pradesh merit list securing the 10th position from among 730,000 students. Landmark achievement in the history of this small town.


Free Student Hostels & Life-Ready Education

Poised to become a global economic power, India is faced with an ironical challenge – while on one hand India is prospering in leaps and bounds, on the other there is a sizeable population, which is untouched by ripples of prosperity. Bridging this gap is the calling of AIM for SEVA. AIM for SEVA’s journey began with the goal of enabling children from rural and tribal areas to have the same advantages as children of means. This gave rise to free student hostel model. Student hostels are secure residential facilities that provide students with the opportunity to attend school without interruptions – free of cost.

Canadians have donated generously by either sponsoring one or more children or funding the construction of student hostels. Canadians are among leading global donors, contributing selflessly to the cause.

AIM for SEVA has achieved Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. This is a testimony to the fact that our team is credible, focused and result-oriented.

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Donate & Support

Our multitude of donation and sponsorship options makes it easier for you to EDUCATE & EMPOWER underprivileged rural children.

Empowerment through value-based education and reaching out to the children of rural India through a network of free student hostels and schools.

Fundraising Events

AIM for SEVA Canada educates and inspires Canadians to contribute and help. Our annual fundraising events encourages guests to network, dine, and celebrate for a great cause!

The “100 percent goes to charity” model was very appealing. We have been involved with this charity and several others for a number of years. Hearing from them (friends who were previous donors), we knew we have finally found a charity we can trust and support. The cause itself is very important to us. Educating needy children is the best form of charity and goes a long way in making this world a better place.”

Mr. Shailesh Raja (Hostel Donor)

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