‘Girl Power’ to the Fore…

Promoting Education “My name is Shyla Gupta. I am currently attending the International Baccalaureate program at Glenforest Second­ary School, in the 9th grade. Ever since …

Promoting Education

“My name is Shyla Gupta. I am currently attending the International Baccalaureate program at Glenforest Second­ary School, in the 9th grade. Ever since I was young, I have been passionate about making sure that every child in the world receives an education, especially young girls who are held back by restraints such as poverty.  I have been privileged to fundraise for the non-profit. charitable organization, Free the Children. I have also taken part in creating videos, writing articles for various newspapers and delivering speeches on the power of education. I truly believe that education is the cornerstone for creating empowered and confident young women. I am most humbled and honoured to share my message at the Aim for Seva Gala, an organization which creates educational opportunities for underprivi­leged children. The remarkable humanitarian efforts by Aim for Seva inspire me to continue to strive for change in the world.”

Young Fundraiser

Congratulations to 10-year-old Shreya Kanani who successfully raised $215 at the annual VOV Bal-Vihaar Christmas Party to help support a children’s charity.  Inspired by an exercise on privileges and a lesson on how to develop and cultivate an “attitude of gratitude” in her Mahabharat class in the Bal-Vihaar program, Shreya came up with an idea on how she could make a difference and reach out to the less fortunate in our society. Shreya used her allowance money to create posters, buy popcorn and baked the delicious cookies herself for her “Cookies for Kids” bake sale at the Christmas party at the Vishnu Mandir. Her brother Reshay and cousins Tina, Nina and Kayla also got into the holiday spirit of caring and sharing by helping Shreya with setup and sales. Thank you Shreya and your team for such a profound gesture, your care and efforts is an inspiration to all of us!

Moving higher…

AIM for Seva student Sheetal Pundir is making waves. She worked with AMRIC’s Dr. Hoyun Lee in  Sudbury on a prom­ising new drug called VR23 and will soon be defending her thesis on the subject. She has moved on to a new job in Montreal.  Determined to make her home in Canada, Pundir hasn’t forgotten where she came from. An advocate for AIM for Seva, she has become a role model for thousands of young girls in India. Recently, she appeared on the TED-X show “The Failed Ex­periment”. It can be seen on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAo9tHc19_w, in which she walks the audience through her experiences growing up in India.

Top Scorer

Ms. Y. Nagajyothi Tamadapalli, in Mahanandi Mandal, Kurnool District, has scored  93% in her Class 10 exams. Her mother is a single parent and works as an agricultural labourer. Nagajyothi is the oldest sibling of four children – she has two younger sisters and one younger brother. Her father passed away a long time ago and her mother struggles to make ends meet. Even though the pressure to join the workforce is huge in her family, Nagajyothi is determined to study further. She joined AIM for Seva in 2007 and has been consistently performing well in her examinations. She aspires to become an engineer and is now pursuing her Class 11 equivalent.

Drawing Free Hand, Hands-Free!

Miss Aibanroi Ryngkhlem of Class 8, of the AIM for Seva Free Student Home in Belgaum, Karnataka, is an achiever par excellence. She recently won the first prize in the art competition held in her school, Sant Meera English Medium School. What makes the achievement noteworthy is that Aibanroi (pictured on left) is missing most of her fingers! Aibanroi not only draws well, but has also excelled in her academics. She is a straight- As student and has received praise from the teachers in school. A student from Meghalaya, her father, a landless farmer, has four children, and Aibanroi was in danger of discontinuing her studies before joining AIM for Seva. One other student, Miss Renuka Goje of Class 6, also won the first prize for drawing in her age category.

Sports Stars

A. Priya, of Class 8, is a sports star at her school in Udumalpet! She has proven herself in various sports and has brought her school and the AIM for Seva Student Home many laurels. She recently won prizes in intraschool and interschool competition and was part of the school hockey team. She also won prizes in the 4X100 m relay and discus throw events. As sportspersons are wont to be, she is also very helpful and works as a team with the other girls at the home.

Educate & Empower Underprivileged Children

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