Why AIM for SEVA is our favourite charity?

In  times  when  family  sizes  are  decreasing  and  nuclear  family  is increasingly the norm, it is heartening to see the entire Raja family come forward …

In  times  when  family  sizes  are  decreasing  and  nuclear  family  is increasingly the norm, it is heartening to see the entire Raja family come forward to unanimously support the donation of the AIM for SEVA student home in India. Shailesh and Mina Raja, together with their three sons and two daughters-in-law, make a wonderful joint family that is a delight to talk to and interact with, especially when it comes to supporting a good cause.

The Raja family is on what they describe as the “The Self Realization Path – a Fellowship founded by Our Beloved Guru Paramahansa Yogananda for a universal path based on the ancient scientific method of Kriya Yoga meditation.”  These teachings have had the greatest impact in their lives and have brought them love, joy, harmony, peace and purpose. The family says that these teachings have also instilled in them a yearning to improve themselves, serve selflessly and help those in need.”

In an interview for this newsletter, Mr. Raja spoke about the top three reasons why he chose AIM for Seva to donate his precious charity dollars.

“The “100 percent goes to charity” model was very appealing. We have been involved with this charity and several others for a number of years. Over the years, we have seen some of our best friends supporting  AIM  wholeheartedly.  Hearing  from  their  experiences, first-hand, we knew we have finally found a charity we can trust and support.”

“The biggest appeal was the fact that we can have a say on how the student home will be run. We really liked the fact that we would be able provide our inputs to run the programs at the student home. We’d like to introduce green programs and spiritual programs that we as a family have always believed it.”

“Last, but not the least, the cause itself is very important to us. Educating needy children is the best form charity and goes a long way in making this world a better place.”

We wish the Raja family the very best in making their dream student hostel a reality.

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